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There are different requirements for entry to the UK and that based on nationality and country of residence, country of departure and the reason for the visit. Please be sure to provide all the necessary documents for travel, otherwise you the embassy will refuse to issue visa. For more information, visit the official website of the British government where you can fill the visa application and make an appointment to apply for visa:


  • To obtain letter of introduction from the department and check the center personally.
  • The need to bring the application (traffic procedure application and passports) and the original or a copy of the passport for the issuance of the letter.
  • Fill one form for each person and the signature and on the passport.
  • Two photos with white background color  size 4 × 6 (open head for men)
  • Copy of Saudi Arabia from both sides (depending on the number of forms).
  • For the child less than 18 years should be specified in the accompanying form with a copy of his passport.
  • Tourism Visa: statement of account for the last three months (depending on the number of forms).
  • Work Visa:  a copy of the travel authorization.
  • The period granted 6 months and several trips - year - two years - five - ten years.

Telephone No. for the Embassy’s section: 6864043


  • Fill the visa application form per person with signature.
  • Two photos white background  size 4 × 6 (open head for men)
  • Statement of account for the last six months.
  • Letter identification for  salary from the employer (in English)
  • Confirmed reservation ticket.
  • Place of residence address (hotel).
  • A valid Passport for at least 6 months from the issuing date of the visa.
  • Important notice: based on decisions number 8/14 & 10/14 issued from the British passport & Immigration department mainly for travellers holding Argentinean & Uruguay travel documents wishing to visit the UK. If the nationality in the document differs from the original nationality of the passport, then the holder of the passport should get a visa to enter the UK. For more information, please contact the regional manager for immigration relations at:

*To apply for visas in Jeddah: King Abdullah Street, Nizawa Center, fourth floor.



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