It dates back to 2012 when AlSafar ventured into the educational picture realizing the need and demand for guided access to a global and holistic education by an increasing student strata.  Not just the immense passion for learning but we also saw in it abilities hiding potential enough to light the world. At a time where  globalization began charting inroads into education,  directing individual learner needs and mettle to opportunities in academically towering centres of study proved the right idea after all and soon enough a steady base of happily placed clientele led us to diverse into many branches in different countries.

The range of possibilities in a sea of distinguished international universities and recognition earned therefrom is common knowledge. However doubts in your head regarding where and what can be a tad daunting when options are so many and wide. You’ll thank us after having met with our expert consultants who are veterans in the field of finding you an apt study destination that’s in tune with your aptitude, tastes, budget and the rest.

Our team at Snews is up-to-date, helped by direct partnership with almost all the high-flying university boards in the overseas countries. Owing to the recent sweeping change in student mobility, we keep in close touch with European institutions that are deemed to be  topping  ‘the most sought-after’ charts this year with Germany waving from the top.